Since we are linked with over 4 dozen nurseries throughout the Western United States, and also have 30 years of experience in the horticulture industry, there isn’t a plant or tree which we cannot help you source.
We can help you find the finest examples of bedding plants, ground cover, container stock and boxed trees. AJJ Associates is also proud of its expertise in sourcing specimen trees, palms, drought tolerant plant material, California natives as well as specimen interior foliage.

Types of Landscapes We Provide For

Given below are some of the more popular landscapes that we provide plants for.

  • Gardens: Gardens are some of the best ways to beautify your home; in fact few places are so calming and peaceful than a well laid out garden. AJJ Associates can provide you with a fine selection of flora to make that garden look truly spectacular!
  • Historic Landscapes: These landscapes offer a sense of connection with the past in a deeply personal way and can literally transport a person straight to the yesteryears! We know exactly what kind of plants you are looking for your historic landscape project. We can help you out with fine selection of trees, flowers, shrubs and vegetation.
  • Water Landscaping: This kind of landscaping can include features such as ponds, waterfalls or fountains. Water elements that are added to any hard-scaping or landscaping effort offer it a relaxing effect, which cannot be achieved otherwise. We can provide you with a range of different plants for water bodies, in order to best reflect your unique environmental ideas.
  • Commercial Landscaping: Any commercial setting is incomplete without a well designed horticultural layout. We have a large variety of flora which can be used very effectively for commercial landscaping, to offer your employees a relaxed environment to work around, as well as a professional presentation to clients or people that come to your compound.

While these are the typical requests that we fulfill on a regular basis, we can provide plants and other horticultural elements that are ideal for almost any landscaping requirements.

AJJ Associates can also help you find really unique, one-of-a-kind plants to make your landscaping project unique!

We take great pride in the fact that all the professionals that we work with have decades of experience in this industry and can source “Grade A” quality plants.