Being well established in the landscaping industry, we are linked with over four dozen nurseries in the Western United States. We can help you find the best bedding plants, tropical plants, ornamental grasses, boxed trees among others. We also specialize in providing specimen trees, palms, drought tolerant material, California natives and even specimen interior foliage.

Specimen Trees

Looking for some really unique trees for your landscape?

The definition of Specimen tree tends to vary from one Grower to another; while some will consider rather old trees as specimen quality, others reserve the honors only for trees with exceptional beauty. [read more]

Field Grown Oaks & Olive Trees

Oak and Olive trees have a magnificent rich foliage, a gorgeous form.

These trees are disease-resistant, and tolerant to many different climatic conditions, which make them ideal candidates for landscaping. Since we work with some of the biggest nurseries in the Western US [read more]

Palms – Palms – Palms

Palm trees bring a rich, tropical field to a landscape which is highly prized!

AJJ Associates can supply any variety of Palm tree at any given time: we have the distinct reputation of sourcing over tens of thousands of specimens directly from the deserts of South Western US. Besides common palm trees [read more]

Specialty Items

Looking for something truly unique and unheard of?

We can help locate any item which may complement the look of your landscape.
[read more]

Drought Tolerant & Desert Material

Find green landscapes too typical?

Then maybe some desert material will add flavor to your landscaping project. Drought tolerant landscape material is very water-efficient and requires minimal maintenance:[read more]

Specimen Interior Foliage

Beautify the interiors of your home or office with gorgeous indoor plants.

AJJ Associates has some of the finest specimen interior foliage that you can use today! All our specimen interior foliage is certified from Hawaii, Florida and Costa Rica. [read more]

Annual and Perennial Color

If you have tried changing the color of your landscape to go with the weather, then you will know just how expensive and time consuming it can be.

We have a fine selection of growers who can assist you with changing those colors to something more pleasing. Since we work only with the best [read more]